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Elimination Communication: A complete how-to do diaper free.

Did you know that traditional people and much of the world’s people now have used or do use elimination communication to take care of their infants needs to eliminate waste? Can you imagine what would happen if China suddenly all started using diapers? Oh, the horror!!! The mountains and mountains of diapers would kill us all! Anyways…

Here is my first video on how to start using EC (elimination communication). I am going to keep it simple, because EC is just that; simple. I will also provide tips and ideas (below) about how to easily EC. I’ve read many books on the subject and have experience with my five children. I have often found the books to be confusing and overwhelming. EC is not confusing or overwhelming at all, it’s easy and very natural.

I’ll give you the video spoiler, in case you’d like to avoid watching it.
How to begin EC? offer the potty. That’s basically the premise, plot and climax of it.

how to begin EC.

Why use Elimination Communication?

Everyone will have their own reasons but here are mine:
No diaper rash. This is a big one for me. A diaper rash is not only unbearably painful I imagine, but it’s unhealthy. It upsets their natural flora and could be setting them up for a lifetime of problems. Without being exposed to their waste constantly, babies that eliminate in the potty most of the time, do not get diaper rashes.
Another reason is that baby is happier going in the toilet! I’ve experienced this as have others when they start using EC. Some parents discover that their babies “fussiness” is really just them communicating their need to eliminate.
Connection. I remember a distinct strong connection with my first daughter as she stared into my eyes and easily pooped while sitting on the toilet. It was like she was thankful for the opportunity at only six months old.
Less diapers! EC also makes using cloth diapers a breeze as they are soiled less ad fewer diapers. Also I can usually catch the poops, which are the worst to deal with in cloth.
I find that I am more aware of their elimination needs when doing EC even when I miss one. I notice right away an promptly change her.
I noticed that when I began pottying Aayla at 3 weeks old, I was offering her the potty when before I was offering her a boob. It turned out that she did just need to pee those times when she was complaining.
Using less diapers means less money spent and a healthier environment.
Less money spent means less time required to work or more money for tv, junk food and video games. 😛
EC also means that baby is less exposed to chemicals that could be in plastic diapers. Think, chemicals combined with acidic urine and feces. Not good, me thinks…

My tips for EC:

Newborns go a lot more often in the first month of life. Like every fifteen minutes at times. Offer the potty as much as you and babe are comfortable with. The point is for baby to associate the potty with happiness and your desire to help them eliminate. When they are very upset, I hold off until they are a bit more comfortable being naked in a squatting position. I started at 3 weeks old with Aayla (our youngest) and 2 months with Nova.
Some people use a cueing sound like “shhhh” or “psssss”. I did that with Nova and it worked well. I’ve heard of people shushing their babies and getting peed on though. You may also want to avoid “sssss” if you have snakes.
We have been using a cueing song and it’s so much fun! When I put her on I sing the song (which I will post later on YouTube). When I see her going I make a “psss” sound. Once she associates that with her going, I will use it in the future to prompt her.
Aayla’s cueing song.
You can use sign language to cue pottying. . You can use it just as you do the vocal cues.
*When baby is in the wrap, I take her joy when she starts to squirm and I pot her on the potty. I put her back in the wrap immediately and many tem she will go right back to sleep. It’s quite surprising and amzing.
*I did mean that I take her out of the wrap when she starts to squirm. However “taking her joy” was such a funny auto-correct that I couldn’t stand to fix it*

Possible times you would offer the potty:

-When waking. I find sometimes it’s best to offer her the potty before she becomes too fully awake and realizes she is hungry. This could change though as she gets older and you will figure it out as you go along.
-before a feed and after a feed. Sometimes during a feed, but only when necessary because I don’t want her to associate pooping with nursing!
-when diaper has been dry for a while.
-when baby squirms and makes faces, you will begin to recognize these.
-when baby is changing positions. It usually isn’t until I stand up that I realize I need to pee!
-when going to Tim Hortons. I take my baby out of her car seat when she wakes and I offer the potty over a toilet even when traveling.

Dressing baby for easy EC (matching not required):

Long sleeve shirts (winter is coming) and leg warmers. You can buy or make leg warmers. You can buy tube socks and cut them and hem, or not. I’ve also used the sleeves of felted wool sweaters and I used the rest of the sweater as a vest. She is also wearing a diaper with the inserts removed making them like a small pair of padded underwear.


Split pants! These are what they use in china. When you position the child
In squatting, the pants open up. My friend Andrea made these pants adjustable split pants. I’m thinking that if you contact her, she can make you some too. I’ll provide her info at the bottom. If you’re crafty, there’s lots of tutorials online. A good pair of split pants can fit newborn to 18 months or more. 20140104-133322.jpg

Having easy access to the diaper area makes me not so lazy about taking her to the potty!

Close up of split pants, these ones are fleece as winter is here:


Important things to remember:

There is no one way or right way to EC. You will develop what works for you and your baby.
Remember that EC is effective even if only offered once a day. It is ok if you’ve been unable to offer the potty. It’s important to be happy and not to stress about when missing your babies need to eliminate. A miss does not mean they will never learn or it won’t happen or that you’re a horrible, rotten parent. Just change them immediately and start again. It will get easier and they will use the potty more and more as you offer it. 🙂

Ways (positions) to EC, that I’ve tried:

My favourite position is sitting in bed with the potty between my legs and baby on potty. It’s so lazy and comfy!
I also like sitting on a stool in front of potty, holding her over. Or standing with the potty on the counter on top of a towel to prevent potty sliding all over.


Potty bowl in between legs.

Over the toilet.20140104-135130.jpg

“I’m so sleepy.”. In bed, potty between legs. 20140104-135207.jpg

Oops. You caught us…. I washed that sink out before you came over…

What are people saying about EC?

My dad, from Cranbrook:
“Awww, wish somebody would EC me, many a flower bed suffers for the foolish antics of old guys that drink wine. I feel a song coming on so later …..”

“Bunka”, my mom in Gravelbourg:
“It’s very cool and environmentally friendly. I like how you do it too. As soon as she’s upset, you take her off.”

Arielle from Gravelbourg:
“I love that he is happy. Before we tried EC he would cry and squirm. Now if I see these signs I know it’s his way of telling me, “I have to pee!!”

Thanks for reading and remember, people… I’m funny!
~Nadine LeBean the ECing machine.

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