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Why are we using aluminum tinfoil to bake potatoes!?!??!

Yesterday I wanted to make baked potatoes. I bought potatoes and when I went to do it I realized that I didn’t have any tin foil.
This dilemma has freed me in so many ways.
I pondered packing up kids at prime time to a crowded grocery store. And then I used my brain…
Why can’t I make baked potatoes with toxic aluminum foil? Why not!?!?
I love the earth! I’m a member of the green movement! So cut out the crap!
And so I did. Why didn’t I question this sooner!?!?
The result was a satisfyingly moist and delicious potato. Everyone agreed that they tasted sweeter than usual. Was I because I didn’t use foil? We will never know, as I am never using it again.