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I LOVE being broke

I love being broke. It brings out the super resourceful and grateful being in me. When the bank account and the pockets become empty, suddenly every item in my fridge becomes precious. I savour those last few spoons full of yogurt, while happily wondering when I get to experience it again.

I have come up with some of my best, and most unique, recipes due to a lack of ingredients. When I am broke, it is amazing how much abundance I receive in the times when it seems possible we could starve. Food starst to pour in, always more than we need!

It makes me think, how much do I really need money?

How much money can I do without?

How little money can I live on?

These are all fun challenges that I accept.

When I don't have money, I don't buy things that I don't need, which leads to less waste and more satistfaction for me.

No money has us scanning the alleys, frolicking joyfully with every muddy step, searching for bottles to buy a donut. oh did I really say that?