My experiences through food and family.

This is a blog dedicated to real food and family. I can offer you tried and tested recipes and parenting being
that I spend a great deal of time
In the kitchen and I have four
kids ages 2-11, which are not
In school. What a joyful adventure that is!
I can offer you simple parenting advice that actually works.
I also dabble in Cultured/Fermented foods, becoming more peaceful, raw foods, GAPS recipes, WAPF, traditional cooking, permaculture, alternative building, Curing Tooth Decay, vegetarian recipes, attachment (authentic) parenting, Unschooling, , letting go, Nourishing Traditions, being a good human being, eating local, acting silly and extreme gardening.
Oh, it’s all so much fun and I can not limit myself to one diet or one type of life. I want to try it all with my partner and kids! Let me experiment on them and perfect my methods to share with you.
We currently live in small town Gravelbourg, SK, Canada. I am really curious to hear from people who are reading these words. So please, comment and share your ideas with me.

This is me!


This is real food


And this is my partner


My oldest, Michael, eleven years being brilliant.


My Chaz, five years being sweet and generous:


Our Nova, the only girl and three years being spunky and smart:


And the baby our Emmett, two years being too cute:


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  1. Hello, i read what you said. I resonated with some of it too. You are nobly seeking.

    Your life sounds very interesting and busy. Me too.

    Me: Im live in Western Australia and Im from New Zealand.
    I am into Attachment/ Authentic Parenting and im a Steiner Teacher but SAHM right now.

    I have a 2 yr old daughter and a 14yr old step daughter and 9 yr old step son. They are in and out of my home so frequently that its something i struggle with. I value the same things as you (assuming from what youve written) and they bring alot of less desirable things into our home space. So i am usually to be found somewhere between chaos and lethagy.

    I get criticism too. About Bfing, idle parenting and my alternative approach to learning…i have a spiritual outlook and i am articulate so i probably offend people just by being in proximity to them… im like the ghost in a house full of cats. Lonely, but fulfilling my destiny hahaha

    I really like what you wrote about judging other parents and i have to remind myself that everyone is just doing their best and their best may be different to mine.

    I also liked what you wrote about accepting other peoples faults, to me this is immediate (in the moment) forgiveness and is an ability that makes it possible to see any persons truth while maintaining your self position.

    Thankyou for sharing some pieces of your life

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