Monthly Archives: November 2014

Affirming we are good.

How do I really feel about myself?
What past has shaped my perception of me?
I have realized these past few weeks that I have a negative belief system towards myself despite spiritual practice, personal growth, etc.
I think the more I let go of judgement and external blaming, the more I am able to see myself. And it’s scary. I wonder how many things I’ve done only to try and cover up my badness. Or at least that’s what I’ve believed. Why? Aren’t we all worthy and good?
This seems so obvious and simple but it’s been real. I’m letting it go as I notice my need to please and persuade. I laugh because it isn’t real. Beyond the words and the actions, there is a humanness. An ability to laugh and cry and bleed and be. A basic being. We all have it. Nothing can take that away.
I do good things. I see my good.

Sexism is Sexist.

Every time I go to the parents section of the Huffington Post, I see at least one article about sexism against girls. It’s often from a parent upset with a corporation over their clothing and toy options for girls.
The comments mostly scream out “HELL YA! NOT FAIR!”.
I never hear anyone mention the lack of softer, gentler options for boys, but that’s not even my main point. I just don’t get how it can only be mentioned for one gender unless EVERYTHING is being offered to everyone. But let me tell you a secret… It is.
Could it just be us, in the creation of our own lives, that are reinforcing the gender stereotypes? I can see that we are doing this by heading to those sections of the stores in the first place. Why?
We can begin to completely think outside the box, and the aisles. We can holistically navigate an entire store, searching for what it is that we want without restriction. Trust me. No one will stop you if you’re a woman looking for tires in the automotive section or a man wanting panty hose for his personal comfort.
When I’m choosing a side or an opinion I like to ask myself over the seemingly right “what is most effective?”.
Being pissed off and complaining doesn’t seem to get results and it takes away your power. YOUR POWER.
The companies aren’t changing, it actually seems to be getting worse and even more deluded.
So…the most effective thing is to take your own life into your hands and not put yourself and your children into those carefully constructed boxes. It can be done. It takes us, the adults, to lead them to those sections and enforce that these are for girls and these for boys because a rich man with many poor employees says so. hah.
What fits best?
What feels the best?
What do you love?
What calls out to your spirit to soar?
If you don’t think going to the store will work because the kids will notice what about just having an assortment in your home? Or just telling the kids repeatedly “your choice, your life”? Or buying a few options and returning the ones they don’t want? Or make your own costumes out of dandelion leaves and cardboard? Or hire a small time business person to make what they want?
We always have options to be inspired and live good lives. This is especially true if we are not placing too much value on what corporations are doing.
Doesn’t that sound terrifying anyways? Corporations, making my style decisions…
We can also make them corporations obsolete with our purchasing choices.
So, I hear you. Your daughter wants to play superheroes and swords. So, let her? Why let a corporation define what and how you live?