Fermented Tomato Hot Sauce


I’m so excited to bring you this non-recipe. It’s an easy and absolutely delicious way to preserve tomatoes. It took me ten minutes to make this and will last for over a year Unrefrigerated. I only made a few small batches of this last year as I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I took it camping and it was such a treat. The other big unschooling family we were camping with said it was there favourite food of the whole trip. I’m completely humbled by the work of the millions that it took to bring us these amazing flavours. This year, I’m making gallons.

Fermented Tomato Hot Sauce

I cut up tomatoes, garlic, onion, hot peppers and sweet peppers and blended it together.

It reduced to about half so I added more tomatoes and blended again.

I then added 60 grams or about 3 heaping TBSP of Himalayan salt for this 3 litre FIDO jar. If you can’t do the math, that is about a tablespoon of salt for a quart but you can adjust it to your taste as well as the spicyness. I really recommend doing this in a high quality clamp down. You can experiment with this too! Please let me know what creations you have discovered so I can theft your ideas. .

Don’t overfill it, it will bubble up. Clamp it down. Write the date on it with a permanent marker and leave it until it it stops bubbling. The taste will only get better as it ages.


Here’s the tomato hot sauce after 2 weeks. It’s separated but will stir back together once it’s done. Or you can scoop off the top and use the thick stuff separately.


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  1. I love this even though I have made it yet. 🙂 The pictures are great too, but I would love to print the recipe without all the pictures. If there is a way, I couldn’t figure it out. If there is a way to print, would you tell me. Thanks.

      • I understand, but just having the ingredients listed gives me a starting point and I have a file for all my favorite ferments. I just made this and it is fabulous. As soon as I have more tomatoes, I intend to make another batch. Thank you for sharing your “non recipe”. 🙂

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