Let’s not end the “mommy wars”!

I go on fb and scroll through post after post about how to be a parent mixed in with many that ask that we end the mommy wars and just accept that we are all unique.
As I look at the titles of them, one after the other, I breathe in curiosity and ask myself how I really feel about these posts. I read some of them, I skim others.
Do they bring people together or are they devisive?
Are they expressing what we really want to say?
I don’t know, but it really makes me wonder why we want to control one another so much. As I write this I notice my wanting to control people controlling.
I Let it go and let them live with their posts.
I Let them live not only with my acceptance, but with my honouring. I honour you on your path whether it be a specific side of something or a mission to end mommy wars. We all do what we gotta do.
It’s all perfect anyways if I say so.
We have such power to create our own existence. Or maybe it’s like letting it flow in. I’m just developing it as I goofy go. It’s my calling to be in a state of eternal silly. It’s one of the things that connects me.
What are you called to?
What connects you?

That’s a baby-puked-in-my-mouth selfie!

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