When Mum Goes Mad

Today I yelled at them while navigating around a minefield of yarn strung across all my paths. They wanted to learn to knit. With baby in arms lifting my legs dramatically high, I promised to never again indulge their desire to do anything.
I forgot that they are learning.
I sighed heavily at just thoughts of unravelling. I was able to make stories enough to make me cringe. Stories about the waste that would come when I eventually freed myself with scissors and how there would be bits of yarn everywhere.
I forgot that they were learning.
I was suddenly struck while on my knees cleaning. I was reminded of their process as I noticed the intricate knots it took to connect dining room chair to couch to down the hall to dresser drawer to bathroom stools. Slip knots, pretzel knots, totally stuck the fuck on knots and fisherman Cub Scout type knots were all demonstrated.
I really did forget that they were learning. I forgot that there is no linear fashion or organization when it comes to real experiences.
How could I not remember that they are always taking things in and trying new stuff out?
Let’s hope my discontent mumblings and rants will inflict minimal hindrance to their learning. Let’s “knit”.

Emmett’s making baby Aayla a hat. It’s almost done.


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