It’s not for nothing.

Sometimes my life feels small. I do a lots of the same mom things over and over. Like picking up bits of paper with sticky food socks and the same toys again dusted over with the days dirt. I keep on, re-committing to the never ending process of cleaning up and being a mom. I’m making peace with this daily cleansing. I’m embracing it, knowing that it’s what I have and it’s huge. It’s life and if I look carefully I’ll see the deeper meanings. My children are growing older and are
expressing their awareness of my commitments. They notice when I clean up and they thank me. I’ve never asked them to say thank you and so It means a lot that they do it out of their own free will. But it’s more than just cleaning up and the children being grateful. I spent many days wondering if I made the wrong choice by imagining a full child-y childhood not forcing them to do adult tasks. I wondered with worry if I was creating children unwilling to work. I’ve wondered through it and been humbled by their tiny socks, remnants of the pictures they draw and the world they bring inside; rocks and sticks. I wanted them to see the pleasure that can be in taking care. I wanted them to act when ready, out of love and desire. They are starting to contribute to our house in big ways and with pleasure and joy. It means so much to me. Turns out that love is always the right thing to do. So if you’re unsure what the next step is, chose love?


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