Life Humblings- When he pitches a fit.

It’s not even nine in the morning and already I’ve had a major life humbling. My son was looking for his batman mask and cape, his common attire. I said I would go and look for it in the van on my way back from taking out the compost. I looked in the van. The front. The middle. The back. I didn’t see it. When I came in empty handed my son began to scream this high pitched intense wail. I immediately recoiled in horror and assumed that this was another one of his fits resembling a bad acid trip where he insists things that don’t exist are real. I began to feel the frustration bubble up in me and I seriously wanted to smash the screaming out of him. I noticed my intense desire to suppress his emotions because they were too much for me. I was triggered doesn’t begin to explain it. Looking back, I’m amazed at how easy the solution (not the smashing one) was. I thought “what freaking harm would it be to take him to look in the van again and prove I am right?”. He immediately stopped screaming when I said I would take him out to look. Interesting. On our way out to -30 temperatures he began to tell me how the cape and mask were in a white bag by his car seat. Well, whadda ya know? It was there. Wow. I apologized to him and said he just wanted me to listen and that’s why he was so upset. Not because he’s an asshole. He nodded and was content and harboured no ill feelings towards me. I’m amazed by the way children don’t even need to forgive. He just accept it as it is and was content to have his cape.


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