How children learn cleanliness and order, naturally (in our house).

I’ve spent a lot of time not forcing my children to clean up after themselves. Much criticism has come my way because of this… How will they learn to clean up after themselves? Well, I’ve been trusting that they will learn order and cleanliness by being immersed in it and by seeing my joy and journey to provide it. Being forced to clean as a child only made me despise the process. I would do the least possible and rush through it. I really didn’t care, so there goes the theory of forcing them being a good thing. There has to be another way!
I have been hoping to have children that associate cleaning with happiness and ease. I believed that a sense of family and togetherness would also inspire them to be a part of the upkeep of our house.
The first few years have been really hard at times with them being so little. It felt the sticky messes and disasters were never ending and something that I could not conquer. I feared that I would be swallowed alive by the rotten, partially eaten apples with bits of paper and toy after toy with dust bunnies and more food.
Well, I bit my tongue, carried on cleaning and took on moments of that yelling mom. But I’ve pursued the dream and the goals of cleanliness being easy and joyful.
I’m starting to see hints of my efforts. My children and expressing a desire for thing to be nice and taken care of without me asking or forcing.
I’m seeing my children take joy in things such as making the bed. They do it with such care, cooperation and joy that it completely breaks down ally barriers. I’m so humbled by their innocent and honest love for our home. Here’s the video of them after they’ve made our bed. 🙂

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  1. There is this high dose of overflowing cuteness in these video; they are just enjoying themselves 🙂
    Well I think parents have different ways of upbringing. Some believe in sleeper effect and other like you in family values. They are young and I am sure they will learn with time. You definitely make a great mom!

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