We have a tv in our bedroom and we are natural.

I’ve felt very inspired to write lately, but haven’t managed to form my words into one topic yet. I think this desire comes from a need to share myself and connect. I get a lot of wonderful feedback from my blog and some of it leads me to reading about other people’s thoughts. So, what should I write about? What can I say that will be of value to others?
The biggest thing I’ve noticed about myself lately is how much I’m sinking more into life, into myself and less into all the distractions. I feel comfortable. I often feel like a spectator of life as I observe the many happenings around me. I look at my Facebook newsfeed and I get a view of what other people are experiencing. There’s so much information out there but lately I’ve been feeling immune to it all. I enjoy the occasional article, but it’s not becoming real to me. I sense something else; something above parenting philosophies, nutritional studies and ethical opinions. What is it? What is this simplicity that allows me to exist free of worry and hurt? Slowly it crept in as I made the bigger (or maybe smaller?) picture my priority…
My mom calls and tells me about another study that says having a tv in your bedroom is harmful for sleep. I think about my deep, deep sleeps and its wonderful. I use to listen to the studies above my own experience of life. I hd never had a tv in my room and had it disrupt my sleep and my life in general and yet I resisted the bedroom tv. It’s quite taboo among many people that are concerned with natural living and health. Once I let go of the belief that it would be bad for us, it opened up new possibilities for us. Our bedroom and our bedtime has become a time of peace and relaxation. Sometimes that means that mom and dad are so exhausted that we pass out while Max and Ruby entertains the children to sleep. It feels good. There’s no force necessary to get them to stay in their own rooms and go to bed. We just drift off and I this has been a major source of sanity saving for us. Parenting can be hard and I think that a lot of it comes from when we listen to the opinions of others, and the studies and the books above our own innate desires and wisdom.
But don’t listen to me, not everyone need to co-sleep and have a television in their bedroom. What have you been resisting that is based purely on what you’ve been told?




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  1. We also have our tv in the bedroom & it makes for very relaxing wake ups & bedtimes here. I’ve been resisting some things like using a soother, wearing my baby forward facing (even though he clearly prefers it!) and weaning my toddler because of all my reading on children outgrowing the need to nurse. It’s my strongly held beliefs from reading other people’s thoughts that have me stuck in a hard place – or the perceived judgement I’d get from my natural minded friends – I have spent time reflecting: do I want to continue nursing my toddler or is it peer pressure? Is it time to eat humble pie and use a pacifier when it seems like a good option? If my baby is happy facing forward why am I so resistant? Starting the inner dialogue by just noticing is where I’m at right now and that seems ok.

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