Essential Oils?

I’ve been using essential oils therapeutically this year. It felt like the next step to add into my fermented food lifestyle. Before that, I just enjoyed the scents of the oils without thinking that it could be helping me.
I’m always a bit of a skeptic when someone claims that something will cure or even help me, but I’m always willing to try new things if it doesn’t mean spending exorbitant amounts of money on health products or pills. I am especially curious about natural medicines that have been used for all of time by aboriginal peoples. And so my journey with essential oils begins…
The most noticeable and effective oils for us have been:
Cypress (from Young Living): I’ve been using on my vericose vein legs. After just one application, the noticeable purple and protruding veins had diminished along with the pain. It’s really helped with my circulation overall too.
Deep Blue Blend (DoTerra): I’ve become reliant on this for pregnancy induced sciatic pain. I love the deep, penetrating feeling of the cooling/warming oils in this. I carried it around all weekend, applying it while camping so that I could easily get in and out of the tent.
Lavender/Wintergreen/Peppermint (from DoTerra): My daughter who is four, uses this when she gets restless, achy legs (growing pains?). It helps her relax and sleep all night.
DigestZen Blend (From DoTerra): I use this when I get that heavy, I’ve eaten too much feeling. I rub it all over my belly and feel better shortly.
White Fir (from DoTerra): this is my absolute favourite oil. I was drawn to it immediately and love inhaling it. It is for generational healing. I like to use it aromatically as I think about letting go of the pain of the past, especially with family members. It’s helping! I feel a much greater sense of peace and ease in my life and relationships.
PastTense Blend (From DoTerra): My friends have been using this for headaches. They claim its the only natural cure ad blend of oils that has worked to eliminate headaches.
I have been loving using these oils in recipes:
Lemon, lime, orange, basil and rosemary. They are super concentrated and don’t water down recipes.

Other oils I’ve used for enjoyment and an afternoon pick me up: Frankincense, Wild orange, Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit. I love the citrus oils in water, often. They are also the cheapest oils!
I keep a spray bottle of water and water ever oils strike my fancy: cinnamon, clove, geranium, peppermint, citrus and melaleuca. I use the spray for everything! Cleaning surfaces, stove and my sink. I’ve also been spraying it outside my door to deter flies from coming in when the door opens. While camping I brought it to spray on tables for an way cleaning that keeps bugs and flies away. It also smells amazing and is so cheap to make!

Have you thought about getting into oils but didn’t want to commit to signing up or pay to sign up?
Now is a great time to do so…
This month (July 2013), DoTerra has a promotion that gives you a $50 credit on next months order if you sign up and spend 100 pv worth (about $100). Also, you can sign up in a way that does not obligate you to buy every month; just when you want.
You can however sign up with loyalty rewards if you think you will be ordering every month. This gets you points on all your purchases for credit towards product. You also get commissions on products from people you sign up, as well as bonuses based on how much your DoTerra team orders. I’ve found it easy to spend the money every month. I love a lot of their other natural products like the toothpaste, shampoo/conditioners and cleaners.

I’ve already received so many free products, benefits, points and commissions and that was with only signing up my one friend. Yes, my one friend. 🙂 hehe.

Along with eating a diet of real foods with a heavy emphasis on cultured foods and with essential oil remedies… I feel unstoppable!

Here’s the link to look at it further:
My DoTerra Essential Oils


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