Judging others, judging ourselves.

Something new has occurred to me this fine, camping morning. I’m going to share it as a response to all the wonderful people who tell me they love my blog and that I haven’t been writing much lately. Like my mom and some stranger down the block.
I was trekking down the hill from our campsite to the washrooms. I was in a state of many thoughts. I realized that I’ve become so good at internalizing problems, judgments against others and negativity towards me. This means that I accept responsibility for my experience, I don’t blame. But sometimes this means accepting myself as the irrational one rather than blaming someone else. And I’m using the word irrational very lightly. Oh dear, I feel I’m going off into the world of never ending ramble and non-sensicalness. But you get me, right? I am talking about what all the spiritual gurus tell us to do… Go inside. Stop blaming and look at where you can make change. We judge in others what we fear most in ourselves. When I point fingers, there’s three pointing back at me. So, I’ve lived this for a while. The thought creeps in about someone, like “Look at those tacky pants” and immediately I convert it back to my own fear of my own tacky pants. Well, this morning I was contemplating on my own judgements of me and how I was walking myself through where I could be more accepting of people, less competitive, less condescending. And it hit me! I don’t need to do that to me either! I can accept me. I can look at my journey and say “ah. That’s where I’m at, cool.”. And I laughed and laughed because my own tacky pants are perfect too.


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  1. Oh yes! Love this! So freeing to finally realize and accept we can just accept ourselves (yet still improve when we want/need). Thanks for posting! ๐Ÿ™‚

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