Successful Unschooling

For me, I have had the most success with Unschooling by setting up certain situations for my children. By success I mean happiness and peace which always involve learning.
I imagine that this would look different for every family and even every child.
For us it has turned out that my children are most successful when I find nature spots to take them to and bring lots of good snacks. Rivers, playgrounds, trees and paths are what they enjoy most. I pack homemade chocolate chia pudding, fresh fruit and veggies, soaked almonds, kombucha, sauerkraut, boiled eggs, sandwiches and homemade preserves like canned fruit and pickled beets. And lots of water!
They love packing a few snacks and some water and then hiking out to the unknown. I’ve noticed that usually the oldest follows and quite often with the next in age line and the youngest at the end. I’m always amazed at how they stick together and how at ease and in joy they are in these settings. They develop games out of seemingly nothing, I don’t bring toys. They are so happy to just be. They are so in harmony like this and camping with them is the best! I can Honesty say that there’s no fighting or arguing when we are out in nature.
Now that the weather has warmed, it has been a lot easier to provide this for them. They have not yet enjoyed siting for house with crafts or Lego.
What is part of creating your family’s bliss?



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  1. snacks are so important!!!!! they make everything so much better 🙂 we live in texas and in the summer it is HOT. so my kids are much more likely to whine about how hot they are outside. so we usually include water. but we actually spend much more time outdoors in the other 3 seasons.

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