What the heck is Unschooling?!?!


We have only been home a week from our trip to the Radical Unschooling Conference Life Rocks! and the popularity of it has exploded since then.
There’s very recently been a huge surge of interest in Unschooling. The group on fb “Whole Life Unschooling” has grown from a few hundred members to thousands in just a week. It could be due to the Radical Unschooling Martin Family making an appearance on Wife Swap. Whatever the reasons, this seems to be some sort of tipping point for the life we are calling Unschooling.
What is Unschooling, so many want to know. They hear of a life that is so different than their own and they want to know more. It opens a whole world of possibilities and it can also attracts a lot of opposition. To many people it is just unfathomable. How can we not send our children to school AND not homeschool?!? Many are genuinely curious while others become outraged and angry at the idea of “Children doing whatever they want”. It brings up a lot of fears for people.
We Unschool. We never set out looking at the definition of it and then followed those rules. No. We set out to design our lives in a way that felt free and joyful to us. I was tired of living my life from meaningless destination to destination. I was sick of being stressed out over trying to meet what I though should be done in regards to child rearing and life in general.
It turned out that no forced learning or curriculum were what we needed to feel joyful and passionate about the world around us. It wasn’t until we were already Unschooling that we learned that what we were doing had a name. I’ve always been the type to stay away from labels as they felt so restricting and defining for me. I was looking for something totally different than what I had already experienced.
In my discoveries, I found that I also liked the term Home Centred learning and World Centred Learning. But you know what? I’d rather ditch the labels and call it life. Because that’s what it feels like to me. Unschooling is living. We live without rules and written regulations. Rather I look within to regulate myself. I search for what feels good for us and what is around us. I ask “What does this moment need from me?”. The answer is never curriculum or text books. It’s always listening, patience, guidance or to allow me to be guided.
What is Unschooling?
The answer to that is so personal to each individual that I can really only answer it with more questions:
What would you do with your life if you were free to explore your passions?
How would you live if each moment were allowed to be experienced in joy?
What if you had weeks on end to enjoy your children and live as you pleased?
What you do?
What would your children do?
Could you begin to let go and trust that life is yours to create?


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