Big Family Trip: Many Days Passed…

It’s been days and days since I’ve last documented our trip. Mostly just because I didn’t feel like it. And I don’t do what I don’t feel like.
“It’s kinda like stopping in the middle of amazing sex to discuss how good it is.” Says Michael.
And We’ve been tired. So tired in such a good way. We pass out face down on hotel beds while the kids jump on the other bed and explore hotel hallways and open doors.
We left the conference and went to Quebec; Old Quebec. We took many walks, swims and frequent naps. I love Old Quebec. I feel the nostalgic presence of canons going off, people walking in streets, children around the corners and the smells of real food wafting from windows. I bet they had fresh bread and hearty soups. And there would be horses. There’s horses now! The thing that struck me the most about Old Quebec was the gigantic stone wall I drove under to enter the “city”. They’ve kept it so old. A restaurant on the corner was a house built in 1627 and they serve wild game. $60 a meal and we didn’t eat there but I sure enjoyed taking in the aromas and the menu posted outside. Sometimes a menu is enough. It fills my heart and crowds out my belly, especially when they use words like “slowly roasted wild boar”.
We stayed at the Chateau Frontenac in all it’s glory. It’s mighty glorious with the cost to match. I knew the hotel would be a bit more but what I didn’t factor in was how expensive it would be to sustain ourselves in such a place. Parking, valet, eating are all a lot and everyone needs a tip. 🙂
The pool was nice with its free apples and loving acceptance of our child with the anarchy symbol spray painted on his chest from a Life Rocks Dance past. Michael danced so hard with that symbol and no shirt that he injured his neck. I love it all.











This was where they use to train all the horses for war.



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  1. Wow, these pictures are wonderful. Makes me want to visit there. Also sooooo good to see pictures of all of you in and among the sites.
    So proud of you and Daddy for making this trip happen for your family.

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