Big Family Trip: Radical Unschooling Conference, day three and four.




So ya we ate bugs. The silkworm went on and on in my mouth. I had to lick some of it out of my molars. Water would have been a good idea. Most people really enjoyed the bugs. Nobody puked. Emmett came to me at one point with little legs and parts all over his stuck out tongue and fingers.
It’s late and it’s Thursday. Nova is drifting on while sounds of drums beat right outside the window. Children’s laughter and adult conversation are below us. I love this. I love going to the townhouse and people are there. People who were strangers a few days ago. I’ve shared more with them than I have with anyone. It’s amazing how collective consciousness can open us up to what wants to come through. I cat really distinguish the last two days so I will speak about individual events. Yesterday seemed emotional for everyone. I was ok but I felt a Heaviness that I just sat with. It would be so easy to spiral down and ind things to blame. Instead I located the pain as a pounding heart and chest under pressure. I focused on that while breathing and not allowing any thoughts to come through.
I love to observe. I see many children without shoes, even outside. At one point I saw a child crawl on top of one of those push cars and stand. Lots of freedom going on here and no one has died.
The talent show tonight was very emotional for me. A girl with a dancing ribbon had me teary eyed. By the time the hula hooper came on, I was full on choking back tears. I’ve never seen children so in their elements doing what they love and everyone cheering them on even if they are tone deaf. Passion is what counts.
The bigger thing I’ve noticed here is that there’s no divide between teenagers and parents and everyone else. Here’s a video of a family singing, the boy is very obviously close to his mother.


This girls performance was so heart touching and uncommon as you can see her older brother in the blue cheering on.

This is Chaz’s new friend, Crewe Recroad. What a cool name. He says he doesn’t know any more of the song, watch what happens…

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