Big Family Trip: Unschooling Conference, Day one and two.

Hello! I’m going to attempt to write this tired and unmotivated. Hehe.
I actually already wrote this blog entry but it got deleted, so here is my chance to say it again. 😀
We got here disheveled and dizzy after six days of traveling. I had the shakes and I also felt so happy to be here. It was so intensely surreal to actually be driving up to the conference which I dreamed of going to a year ago. I had seen the photos from the previous conference and I thought “Ah. That’s for me.”. I mentioned it to Michael and he was totally on board. Preparations began. And now we are here. I want to soak it all up and make it last, it’s that good. Let’s start at the beginning…
Sunday night we arrive and start getting settled in. We waited for our house mates to arrive. We offered to share out townhouse when people were asking and to save money. I wondered what it would be like to live so closely with strangers. I wondered if it would be weird. It was not. The minute they walked in, I felt a sense of community and friendship. The first morning I got up to make coffee and I was greeted by coffee! Made! Since then it’s been meal sharing and wonderful food. There’s an amazing health food market down the road with grass-fed meats and dairy products and they even say grass-fed on the package. The butter was 8.99 a lb, chicken 2.83 a lb and the grass-fed cream was $2.99 for 500 ml. Not bad! Especially for a touristy, mountain area. Oh, and New Hampshire is beautiful. I know lots of people are wanting to know what the conference is like. It has the possibility of being very intimate and personable. There’s always someone around to speak with and on a deep level. I’ve loved hearing about other parents experiences and their passions. It feels so familiar.
The conference has many activities going on which the kids have enjoyed. An encounter with some unique wildlife, crafts, nerf guns. Mostly, I notice that they just love hanging out. There’s many kids dressed uncommonly, kids running, laughing and picking their butts and noses freely. Not compulsively and constantly or anything, but freely. I saw a parent push a child across the room ON TOP of one of those ride around cars. On top! I haven’t seen any parents stop children from climbing or jumping and it feels so safe. It’s not reckless. I’ve also noticed that the children share the only car and the only train ride thing that goes down a ramp. Some have even developed systems of sharing and pushing each other. The first day my children had some fighting over the car but they’ve worked it out. I have never felt so free to trust the process.
When we support one another, amazing things come out of us. This is the perfect place to express your fears as get some real answers as help.
The conference has various talks going on about many different topics that are based on the people’s interests. Yesterday I listened to Dayna Martin tell her experiences of “Ditching the fear and rocking the love.”. It was so real and so inspiring. I can’t wait to come home and share what I’ve learned and heard here.
I’ve had fears about the conference that I’m not good or real enough or whatever. I’ve decided to not believe it and just fully embrace it all.

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  1. Wish I was there, and that I was 5 again. I loved to be five because my Grandma didn’t care how much chicken doo was between my toes at night, nor that I peed anywhere in the yard. She dressed me without clothes and washed me in a pot on the wood stove at night. And look how I turned out …. miss you all and have a wonderful time!

  2. Wow! Sounds like the preparations are definitely worth it! Right on! Keep enjoying and blogging. Love Mom Hugs to everyone.

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