Big Family Trip: Day 5, Willoughby to Little Falls, NY

Five to six hours of driving a day is not proving to be too much for any of us. There’s minor irritations and tingly legs, but nothing unbearable.
Willoughby, Ohio was so warm. When I got out of the van last night, in the dark, I could smell spring. The morning welcomed me with green tulips well on their way poking through. Emmett found a stick that even had buds on it.
Now we are only one hour left until our destination for the night. We didn’t do much today but stop to pee (a lot) and look at a camera in Buffalo, NY. The sight driving in was unbelievable. Enormous building after building, falling apart with broken windows. It Ominous to see a dead industrial area for mile after mile. What happened?



Omg. Nova’s self portraits

He’s a mess! Lo

Finally! The Overlook Mansion! And a real supper.

Will post more pictures of the mansion tomorrow.

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  1. Green grass, such a gorgeous sight! Did you have trouble convincing Emmett to get back in his car seat for the rest of the day??
    You must have been on the road early this morning, next destination North Conway, YAHOO!!

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