Big Family Trip: Day 4, Chicago!

We’re having continental breakfast with a view of the stream of planes flying overhead. Its neat. Chaz and Emmett are having oatmeal with coconut oil in it and fresh apples. I big step up from the previous mornings. I’m having a cup of homemade broth I’ve reconstituted from stuff that Keirsten dehydrated.
Last night we looked up routes and decided against takin the El, and instead to drive through downtown Chicago to the Field museum. Fun! It wasn’t that busy, we went at a good
Time. But the museum was very busy with lineups for everything even the water fountain. At the end I thought that the zoo may have been a better choice. It’s free (the museum was $130, plus $19 for parking). And the zoo would have appealed to everyone’s interests. Chaz love the museum. He was taking it all in, but Nova and Emmett really only liked the animal exhibit. Live animals would have been much cooler. It was impossible to stay together. And this place is huge! We didn’t even see half of the exhibits. The museum was awesome which made it difficult when the children didnt want to actually look at stuff, which was most of the time. These aren’t regrets, just advice for someone who will visit Chicago with children. The kids were wild in Chicago. Darting an running from here to there. I had a few moments of panic. We decided not to do anything else downtown. Instead we drive through Chicago and got gas at a
Place with a man behind glass that double charged us. I even had to show ID to be ripped off. The GPS is a life send, but common sense is needed too. Bad areas can be spotted by broken windows, falling down buildings, boarded up houses, broken glass and shifty eyes. Do not enter.
The drive to our destination in Ohio was great.As we drove through downtown Cleveland at night, it woke something up in me. Something adventurous an alive.













That’s how far we’ve traveled so far. Today we leave Ohio, travel through Pennsylvania and deep into New York. We’re excited as we will not staying at a chain like we have been. Update to come…


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  1. I am loving your posts Nadine. I am happy that everything is going so well for your family! It makes me excited to try something like this with my family in a few years. 😀

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