Day One of Big Family Trip: Gravelbourg to Fargo.


This is what it looked like before we left. You can even see exhaust from the van running. I love this organization system. We have one bag that comes in with just what people need for the night and we have a laundry bag and a swimming bag. And food.
It’s early morning the day after our first day traveling and I’m up to reflect on it. It was our biggest travel day with 937 km (10 hours plus) and it felt like a breeze for the most part. There were times when I would become anxious and fear that things would get bad. By bad I mean loud crying, whining and general unhappiness.
I definitely could have done the day better, and here’s how:
-I didn’t pack enough food for fear of having it taken at the border. I brought lunch kits for the kids but didn’t put anything in them, thinking I would do it once we cross the border. Mistake number one. Chaz was hungry and the passing of things back and forth was making me carsick. Next time I’ll fill their lunch kits and not worry if they take it away. We can buy more.
-I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be but I also could have been more connected to my kids. I was worried about unhappiness and carsickness. Neither were a problem. Today, I’m going to make a point to connect with each child in a meaningful way before we head out. I’ll fill each of their lunch kits with foods that they like.

I did a lot of stuff right!
We had no problem at the border, he seemed please that we all had passports. I also had a bank statement, our land title, all our hotel reservation info, a list of all the foods in our van, trip
itinerary and homeschool registrations. Only the passports were asked for. He didn’t even verify the lump under the blanket in the back, which was our Mexican, Michael. We laughed about that for quite a while when we realized.
I had brought a lot of water and kept
It in an accessible container with a straw. This kept us all hydrated until Emmett chewed the straw up.
I diffused peppermint throughout the vehicle with a bit on a kleenex and jammed into the heater. I’m pretty sure this is what saved me from sickness.
We were very good at stopping when kids had to pee. We brought the potty which made it so easy. Trying to balance kids over a ditch in the prairies with wind is not easy! Even the older kids can use the potty. It’s a large baby bjorn which is very stable.
When we got to Minot we went to the grocery store, kindly found by our good friend, Garmen the GPS, we spent $51.40. At the suggestion of my
Mom and the criticism of me, We bought:
Buns, a whole cooked chicken, smoked salmon, imitation crab, cheese slices, a veggie tray, two tomatoes, organic baby kale and avocado and four Pieces of assorted fruit. Michael used his own money to buy fried chicken and Chaz bought a $6 pint Of raspberries. We could have bought liquor, had we wanted.

I made sandwiches in the van which had me designing a travel cutting board in my head. It would fold out and have a space for two types of knives and a wet cloth, my dad would be proud. The sandwiches were satisfying and did well with a swig of milk kefir which I’ve been choking down lately with my changed pregnant tastes.
The kids went swimming with daddy as soon as we arrived and I organized our room and cleaned garbage out of the van.
After swimming there was enough food leftover from the Minot grocery store to make salads:

The kids complained a bit saying they wanted a real supper in a restaurant, but then they happily picked apart the rest of the food:

Yesterday was good, actually it was great and I learned a lot! My favourite part was the giant billboard that said “Be American use ethanol”, all one sentence.
Our hotel room has three beds, a pool and free breakfast for $56. With the grocery store trip and coffees we spent $62 on food, and our budget is $95 a day. We plan to save up and eat like kings. Maybe in Chicago we will do street hotdogs and deep dish pizza. I’ll need a nap.
Today I let go of fear and of lack. There is enough. I submerse myself in the abundance available to me. I am
Open and ready to respond to all that wants to come through me.
But first a shower…

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  1. sounds like you are all doing great. Would love to hear about the terrain you are passing through, never been that far east in the U.S. Hugs and Kisses to all.

    • More and more trees are appearing and its getting warmer! Very little snow here in Minneapolis. We are currently at Chipotles having “food with integrity.” headed to the Mall of America. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! Sounds like you’re doing very well! Congratulations. Makes me want to cry. Nice blog entry. Makes me feel like I’m with you. Keep enjoying… Happy Birthday, tomorrow, Nadine. I love you and everyone else! Mom xxx ooo

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