Parents: Memorable Trip or Mental Health Issues?

This morning the sanity is being questioned of two parents who plan to drive their family across two countries; big countires. The Neuman-Lee-Urquhart-Ramos’s, a family of four children and two parents set out on what is being labeled by them “The Super Amazing Trip of a Lifetime: The Trip To Begin all Trips.”.
The world will be eager to follow, be shocked and feel inspired by the family’s travels as they document each destination and cheap motel along the way. Six months of preparations have been laid to inspect hundreds of hotel reviews for blood stains and naked people roaming halls.
Reporters had already begun circling the families home at 5 AM in anticipation of their departure. Many swarmed the familiy’s van sniffing the air outside and speculating as to what the family could have packed that was so oderous. The family did cleverly managed to fool the media by sleeping in an extra four hours.
The children were last seen at 12:04 AM, the night before the planned trip. It was reported that many of them were not properly clothed or versed in the actual methods of sacrificing ones self to the moon. The youngest child was dangerously wielding a steak knife and cutting up apples in the from yard.
When CBC’s Anna Maria Tremonti asked the father if he would be taking his guitar, he replied “No comment.”.
The mother was last reported weeping tears of joy and blubbering “I just want to thank tripadvisor for making this all possible. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
We will be carefully updating and warning the public of their current whereabouts. If you see the family, do not make eye contact and slowly walk away. Their influence and power of love can be very convincing to abandon your beliefs and live freely.

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  1. You’re creatively funny. Have a joyous time and I want to know where you are every day. Love your Mom. Big hugs to everyone!

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