Big Family Trip: Food Preparations.

What we eat on the road could make or break us. Especially with me being pregnant and already prone to car sickness. With so much time on the road, I’m taking extra steps to ensure
my health and happiness on the trip.

I will have nutrient dense foods available first thing in the morning. Filling up will avoid the urge to eat something that will harm me later. When we are nourished, I don’t need food rules.
We will make frequent adventures to the grocery store. I am Excited to see what we will find in each place and what the kids will pick for themselves. I’ll document it, it will be interesting!
Here are some of the nutrient dense foods I’ll have on hand:

-Avacadoes. I eat them with salt and pepper and a spoon. Bring a knife with a safety case.
-Boiled eggs. Very nutrient dense and filling. Also, they are versatile and can be paired with other foods like even kimchi!
-Homemade deer sausage cooked and sliced.
-Beef jerky and pepperoni. Look for stuff that doesn’t have a bunch of ingredients except meat and spices; if possible 😉
-High fat yogurt. With all dairy, I look for grass-fed and organic. I’m actually going to bring my Mesophilic Viili yogurt. I can make it right in the van or hotel simply by adding cream to it and letting it sit a day or two.
-Cheeses, hard and cottage cheese too. Again, grass-fed and organic if possible.
-Lunch meats. I only do this if I can find a natural meat without fillers and chemicals.
-Fresh fruits and vegetables. My kids love apples and bananas. I’ll only buy a few at a time to save on space and the possibility of them getting mauled or frozen in the van.
-Cooked fish, like smoked salmon, herring, etc.
-Fermented vegetables. Kimchi, sauerkraut and pickles.
-Nuts. Sprouted, roasted, salted?

Make nourishing drinks on the road:

-Ginger, nettle and peppermint tea. Some gas stations may have it but I’ll bring my own just in case. I’ll use the hot water at gas stations to make it.
-Kefir smoothies. I’m bringing my hand blender, kefir grains and I’ll buy frozen fruit to blend in with egg yolks.
-Bone broth. My friend makes wonderful, homemade bone broth and then dehydrates it. I can easily reconstitute it at a rest stop with hot water. I’ll be counting on this to keep
Me super.
-Mineral water or coconut water
For hydration and many impromptu pee stops!!

Try not to buy too much food at once. I find stuff gets wasted if there’s too much. I also don’t like hauling in bags and bags of food and often there is no refrigerator. I’ll just buy why we need for the next few hours, each food item will become more of a novelty, something to be savored and appreciated.

I’m also bringing a crock pot to do soups, stews and overnight breakfast
Meals like oatmeal and egg/ham bakes.
I’m bringing my grill as well as it fits perfectly in my under floor compartment. I’ll use it for nourishing pancakes (can be eaten all day or made into sandwiches), steaks, chicken and omelets.
I’m contemplating a hot plate too, with a pot to boil eggs. I’m so smart it scares me.
I’ve been pondering adding some other nutrients to my foods. Maybe gelatin, hemp, coconut oil, chia seeds… Any other ideas?

Here is a super tip! Save your favourite snacks for on the road. For is that’s fruit leather, jerky, smoke salmon, muffins, dark chocolate almonds, tamari almonds. If you and your family are looking forward to your favourites on the road, then evil will not tempt you.

The Liberated Kitchens Travel Essentials

This is just my brainstorming so far. More ideas to come!


That is what I have packed so far. There’s some homemade jams in there for pancakes. 😀


I’m adding more as I go along… Healthy Himalayan sea salt. I’m bringing a little jar of it for in our restaurant entertainment bag.

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