Big Family Trip: Start Packing.


This trip is going to be over 6000 kilometers! That’s a big deal.
I’ve set up a folding table to do my laundry and packing over the next few days.
I have a backpack for each person. Later I will show you how I expertly hang the backpacks above everything else in my van so that they will not fall out. This was a life saver last year when we camped practically all summer.
I am simplifying – each persons bag will have two changes of clothes- yes, only two! two pants, two socks, two underwear, two t-shirts, one warm sweater, one comfy pants that can serve as pajamas (that makes three outfits total with the ones they are hopefully wearing when we go).
When they get in the van I will check to see they are wearing footwear and a jacket.
Emmett gets one extra pair of pants due to potty-trained two year old drip hazards. I’ll put these in our restaurant/day outing bag along with extra socks (for shoeless play), stickers, markers, some lego, a puzzle and paper.
I also am bringing a laundry bag (for laundry) that synchs up tight. When it’s full or we are out of clean clothes, I will adventure out to wash them.
All our swim stuff goes in another bag, a waterproof diaper pail bag actually.
We also have a bag for electronics.
I’ve compiled all the movies into one cd case to save space and prevent time rummaging through them.
Am I still simplifying or does it sound complicated?
I’m so excited.
I’ll need Gravol. Or ginger. I’ll try ginger first.
Did I tell you that we are bringing all four children AND I am pregnant? 😀
Are we crazy yet?
I’m shoving two wool blankets into our secret under floor compartment. They serve as ponchos in a pinch. There’s going to be nightly campfires at the conference.
I also did some important phone calls. Got health insurance for all six of us, which was $62.40.
I also called and got an add-on plan to our cell phones for the United States. Free and unlimited texting.
I also spent a lot of time today looking at google maps and tripadvisor. I planned and booked our first three night stays:
Fargo, North Dakota. Eau Claire, Wisconsin. And… Something right by Chicago that starts with an E.
Tomorrow I’ll start on food and the importance of not killing yourself on the road.
I’m some cited.

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  1. That is so sweet, all your stuff and your adventure has already begun. I hope you have so much fun and learning and connecting. I will pray for you several times a day and will miss you more often.

    Love Mom

    Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 23:28:58 +0000 To:

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