Unschooling Conference: The Next Step

28 days until the Life Rocks Conference; radical unschooling. It is in beautiful New Hampshire at the Red Jacket Resort. They have the most uncommon lineup of events. Things like fire play for children, insect tasting, minecraft and nerf gun wars. It sounds like a child’s paradise.
We are going.
We are still missing two passports, but I am not worried. They are well on their way. The passport office sounds confident that I’ll have them in time for our trip.
We will be traveling all the way from Saskatchewan, Canada in our van with all four children. I can’t wait to be with them and just the contents of our back packs and lunch kits. Even though our house is lovely and comforting, I do feel a lot more present with them when it’s us away from the stuff and the chores of our house. I love all the contrasts of life. It really brings out the colours in my experiences.
Doing this feels very intense to me. When I first dreamt it I still had beliefs that it could not and would not be done.
And so I pushed through it and began working on it little by little. The biggest challenge has been me; my thoughts and beliefs.
I had to apply for four birth certificates and five passports. Doing this has given me an amazing opportunity to work through the extreme anxiety that I experienced every time I sat down to fill out applications. I was there, pen in hand and papers spread out before me while I took in the deep, almost painful beats in my chest.
Do you ever experience this?
Lately, I’ve been breathing with it and clearing my head. It feels so good to actually feel my heart this strongly rather than will it away.
When the anxiety creeps in, I lie down on my bed and imagine every thud bringing in the entire world closer and closer. The anxiety melts away to become an amazing feeling of exhilaration. It energizes me.
I’ve been thinking about the conference, knowing, that it will be a new chapter in my life. I’m looking to hear and see new ideas and opportunities from it. I want the children to experience what is possible and how others do live like us with the goals of freedom and joy.
I’m ready for the next step, whatever that may be.
Life Rocks Conference


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