Instead of criticizing and complaining, try setting intentions.

I’ve found that it way more powerful to get very clear on what I do want rather than to pick out what it is I don’t want. I get stuck sometimes in picking out what my partner, or someone else (my mother hehe) is doing and how I don’t like it. I do this without even knowing or being clear on what It is I do. want. I would like to invite you to get clear on what you want. And to make it even more powerful, share it with others:

My intentions and desires:

(This is how I will be as well)
I will be around people who are supportive and accepting. People who will explore options with me rather than complain or criticize. I will be around people who know that live and joy are always more powerful, and when we forget, we bring each other back around with that acceptance and understanding. I will be around people who understand that their emotions and their opinions are a reflection of
themselves and never me. I will be around people who chose to keep working towards health and happiness. I will be around people who desire to put healthy things in their body, things that are not for numbing pain. H h lv(to clarify here, I am referring
To something specifically and only to people I live with or who are very close
To me. I still want to be friends and love them regardless of what they eat. 🙂
I will be around people who speak kindly to me and I will do the same for everyone regardless of how they are behaving.
I will continue to learn about healthy foods and I will share that knowledge with people through workshops, Internet, consultations.
I will continue to be in love with the process of making these sacred foods and I will consume them daily.
I will deepen my connection with others and leave space for intimacy, love and acceptance. I will continue to listen to people without opinions, judgements or ideas. I will continue to know for people that they have everything they need to work things through.
I will be very successful and be able to support myself by sharing traditional and cultured foods and resources with people.
I will have lots of opportunities to travel with my foods.
I will continue to work on patience and love for my children all the time and when I fail, I will not waste my time in guilt, but rather forgive myself
Immediately and come right back to love.
I will support my children in their own passions by talking to them about it and obtaining resources and opportunities for them.
I will be nice to my mom.
I will have more regular contact with my father and brother. I’ll be honest and tell them what I am doing.
I’ll continue learning to be more organized and tidy. I’ll ask others for help.
I will spend time with my treasured friends.
I will continue doing the work.
I will ask a lot of questions!
I’ll do yoga.
I’ll meditate.
I’ll be easy on myself when I don’t.

What are your intentions for life?

That’s Keirsten and I making, and eating, kimchi.

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