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Real Food English Toffee


This tastes way better than it looks. When I substituted white sugar for
Honey or maple syrup*. I was astounded by this! It tastes like a scor bar but better! And it was easy to make! The second time I used maple syrup and the flavor was intense!

1 cup honey or maple syrup* ( the batch made with honey was crunchy like scor and the one made with maple syrup was chewy like Macintosh toffee)*
1 cup butter
Pinch of sea salt
Vanilla (optional)
Nuts, crushed (optional)
Chocolate (optional)


1. Crush up nuts on parchment paper on a cookie sheet.

2. In a large pot combine 1 cup butter with 1 cup honey or maple syrup and sea salt. Cook on medium high, stirring. This will take 10-15 minutes, until it’s dark, creamy and thick. I used number 3 maple syrup so mine got really dark! Number 3 maple syrup is harvested at the end of the season and is really strongly maple flavored.

3. Pour hot syrup over nuts. Sprinkle with chocolate. It’s crazy super insane

4. After it cools a bit you can spread chocolate. Chocolate will turn hard again once it’s totally cooled.
5. Once it is cooled you can break it into pieces and be amazed by what you have created.


Instead of criticizing and complaining, try setting intentions.

I’ve found that it way more powerful to get very clear on what I do want rather than to pick out what it is I don’t want. I get stuck sometimes in picking out what my partner, or someone else (my mother hehe) is doing and how I don’t like it. I do this without even knowing or being clear on what It is I do. want. I would like to invite you to get clear on what you want. And to make it even more powerful, share it with others:

My intentions and desires:

(This is how I will be as well)
I will be around people who are supportive and accepting. People who will explore options with me rather than complain or criticize. I will be around people who know that live and joy are always more powerful, and when we forget, we bring each other back around with that acceptance and understanding. I will be around people who understand that their emotions and their opinions are a reflection of
themselves and never me. I will be around people who chose to keep working towards health and happiness. I will be around people who desire to put healthy things in their body, things that are not for numbing pain. H h lv(to clarify here, I am referring
To something specifically and only to people I live with or who are very close
To me. I still want to be friends and love them regardless of what they eat. 🙂
I will be around people who speak kindly to me and I will do the same for everyone regardless of how they are behaving.
I will continue to learn about healthy foods and I will share that knowledge with people through workshops, Internet, consultations.
I will continue to be in love with the process of making these sacred foods and I will consume them daily.
I will deepen my connection with others and leave space for intimacy, love and acceptance. I will continue to listen to people without opinions, judgements or ideas. I will continue to know for people that they have everything they need to work things through.
I will be very successful and be able to support myself by sharing traditional and cultured foods and resources with people.
I will have lots of opportunities to travel with my foods.
I will continue to work on patience and love for my children all the time and when I fail, I will not waste my time in guilt, but rather forgive myself
Immediately and come right back to love.
I will support my children in their own passions by talking to them about it and obtaining resources and opportunities for them.
I will be nice to my mom.
I will have more regular contact with my father and brother. I’ll be honest and tell them what I am doing.
I’ll continue learning to be more organized and tidy. I’ll ask others for help.
I will spend time with my treasured friends.
I will continue doing the work.
I will ask a lot of questions!
I’ll do yoga.
I’ll meditate.
I’ll be easy on myself when I don’t.

What are your intentions for life?

That’s Keirsten and I making, and eating, kimchi.

Mindful Gifts For Children

I have been collecting ideas of things to give my children beyond plastic toys that will soon be lost, forgotten and not cherished.
I am going to post this even as I continue to work on it so others can use these ideas if they need to.

1. Alchemy kit. I save vanilla bottles and other small bottles for this. I used beet juice to colour vinegar and I called it “acid of newt” and I included baking soda and it was “base of boils”. I use small amounts of other stuff that I find in my cupboard, spices, baling powder, anything really. Glitter and oil and dish soap are great too.

2. Baking supplies with a few fail proof recipes. My kids love to bake. I go to bulk barn and pick up gluten free flours. Then I include organic sweeteners like honey and whatever else they need to make healthy brownies or cookies. You can also include an apron, chefs hat and little oven mitts.

3. Playdoh kits. I used this recipe
no cook playdoh

4. Books! Books are always a great way to connect. I went to the thrift store and picked some classics like Seuss, Winnie the Pooh, medieval stories and Shel Silverstein to name a few.

5. Pieces of nature. Pinecones, sticks and rocks are all winning gifts to my kids! Especially really pretty rocks with their name painted on.

6. Dress up clothes. Capes, funny hats, dresses and shoes! What about cool, old suitcases?

7. Homemade treats. I am making caramel popcorn, toffee and marshmallows.

8. Special books to write in. Something decorated with their name would be very special.

9. Craft stuff. Insane random weird things that would otherwise be thrown out.

10. Treasure and jewelry boxes. I found some awesome boxes second hand, they are made of leather!

11. Warm, fuzzy blankets. If you can personalize them, even better! I like to sew pockets into them to keep their precious stuff. Felted wool blankets are abundant and super warm. They also can be cut without fraying. You could cut a shape out of one and sew it on another. I cut holes in the middle and then they serve as ponchos as well.

12. No sew sewing stuff like those skirts that you tie strips of fabric to. I’m going to put beads on the ends to make the skirts spin nicely. Even my sons will love dancing in these!

13. Used Lego! I also found a book on different things to make out of Lego. Lots of ideas!

14. Special coupons for things with you. A silly story or something totally outrageous.

15. Old, classic movies like Charlie Chaplin or Shirley temple. My kids love the simple, slap stick humor and the racism goes over their heads :S

16. Something of your own that you value. Has your child seen you with a special bracelet or watch? Could you pass it down?

17. Personalized board games. You can use games that are missing pieces to put together a game that is personal to your family. Make little figures with pictures of each family member. Try a cooperative game where everyone has to work together for a common goal.

18. Personalized card game, like go fish. Use your family photos glued and laminated onto cardboard or stiff paper. Make up rules or use an already existing game and your child can ask “Do you have a daddy?”

19. A collection of all their favorite foods. For my kids it’s things like large coconut flakes, avocado, nuts, smoked salmon, jerky, special cheese.

Is Santa Claus Coming To Town?

I use to be on the side of no Santa. I didn’t like lying to my Children and the idea of them finding out crushed me. I imagined a horrifying and earth shattering moment that would make them question everything. I didn’t want them to think I was a liar. So we decided on no Santa. Until my second son insisted to me with those big brown eyes, that Santa was indeed real. So in true unschooler fashion, I allowed his passion to lead me to reevaluate Santa and discover what joys it could bring. Now I’m more Concerned with them experiencing me as no-fun, joyless, Santa-dream crusher. I also know that as intelligent, critical thinkers they will be able to differentiate between lying for an amazing story that brings joy (and presents) to a liar who is out to hurt them.
After a few years now with Santa resurrected, I sense that they feel that this is a beautiful game we play like all the other imaginative play and I actually feel sad for my first son who missed out on all those years of believing because I was too philosophical and opinionated. I killed the tradition for him and I am sorry.
Yes, we we will still have the moment when my younger children realize it’s not true, but it won’t even compare to the years of memories we made leaving cookies, using an advent calendar from Santa, counting days and all the rest of the magic. When They do find out, it can evolve into a new Christmas joy for them as I let them be the sneaky Santa for others who still believe. I remember doing this for my younger brother, and I felt so
special and loving towards him.
I think this will have more to do with how we handle it and how the rest of their lives are. If they are surrounded by acceptance and love then a fake Santa will be not traumatic to them. However a home of anger, hate or lack of joy with no Santa could be traumatic. See? There are so many variables to consider. Remember there are no rules or categories or descriptions that are going to define you as unschooler, attachment parenter, earth-loving, whatever… It’s all you. I urge you to look inside your heart without your two or three sentence opinion (that was me!) and see what would bring you the most joy. Because that thing will trickle down to your children and become an unforgettable precious memory.

Fermented Foods Blog To Come!


I am quite in awe right now of the attention I am getting in regards to fermented foods. People want to
learn about these cultured foods and I want to teach it. Teaching is has been instrumental to me learning it. I love the wisdom of cultured foods and the availability for everyone to experience them. Beneficial Microbes are waiting for you everywhere. They want to be made into these life giving foods. We need it. Did you know that there are more bacteria in your body than cells!?!? Imagine them with me now, all microscopic and lively living along the walls of your intestines. Your intestinal wall cells (epithelial cells) actually have receptors for bacteria! Bacteria fill up the spaces available and lets hope
Its the good bacteria that has taken up residence. They crowd out the bad guys, did ya know?
Making cultured foods is not expensive or time consuming unless your like me and are consumed by it… Then it is life consuming. And ANYONE can do it safely. Fermented foods are safer than canning. The microbes are genius as they preserve their own environment with acids and alcohol, preventing pathogens. Wow!
So this is my BIG announcement. I’m having a new baby…. A blog baby! A blog dedicated to probiotic recipes and information! Everyday I discover new ways to put together probiotics with healthy ingredients and nourishing coconut oil. And my eyes swell up at the possibilities to be nourished AND have it taste amazing. I can’t keep
It in any longer. My dabblings in cultured treats, snacks and such shall be yours. I’ll post the link to my new site as soon as it’s up. Stay tuned…
UPDATE, new blog:
Cultured Food Humblings