What we ate today: nothing goes to waste.

Today I’m feeling especially motivated and passionate about these nutrient dense foods. And so I must make bay while the sun shines. When I’m like this I make “convenience” foods for later on so I can rest well-fed. Not only are these convenience foods nourishing, but so many of the most nutrient dense foods are very cheap or free! I froze small pieces of deer liver on a cookie sheet and then put it in a bag so I can take out a little a time to add to foods. My husband is not picky but does not like liver, yet can’t tell when small amounts are added to soups, stews and sauces. Liver has been free for us from many sources; my freezer is about a quarter full of liver and I’m so grateful. Chicken feet are another thing that can be obtained free and made into convenience foods. I pressure can broth. It makes a good breakfast or lunch with some added miso and egg yolk or veggies. Many farmers actually throw them chicken feet away. Chicken feet make the most rich stock you’ll ever taste! When refrigerated it is solid gelatin. Broth is extremely nourishing and healing, I add it to everything.
Other than adding liver to leftover soup, Today, I’m rendering lard and straining my vinegar of the fruit where it will continue to ferment another few weeks. You can make delicious, sweet smelling vinegar from fruit scraps and overripe bananas. I’m doing banana and pineapple, from pineapple skins which would normally be composted or thrown away. I’m also preparing to make a crock of kimchi tonight, so I’m glad to have the leftovers. Kimchi can be a convenience food as Kimchi and rice make a great snack or Meal. I find myself salivating when I think about it to the point that my mouth drips saliva. My neighbor Keirsten and I have been simultaneously enjoying our super spicy combined effort kimchi. Late at night we feast on kimchi with rice and organic butter. My husband and two year old son love it as well.

Morning: Eggs (2 minutes- the children made their own.)
-Rendering lard. This will take all day of watching the temp and then straining out “crispins” when it is done hours later. This will give me about six months worth of high quality, inexpensive, versatile fat. I’ll use it in everything with combination of organic butter and coconut oil. Lard helps even out the cost of fats as it is SO cheap. The fat cost me $15, which is actually more than I usually pay. You can even acquire it for free if you look around.
-Fruit vinegars. (5 minutes prep time)

Lunch: leftover beef barley (sprouted) soup with egg yolk and sauerkraut. (3 minutes prep time)
-Water kefir to drink

Afternoon: Coconut flour/Arrowroot flour muffins. I’m using sour cherries from Grandma and Grandpa’s.
-Strain, feed and second ferment milk kefir (5 minutes prep time, the microbes work 24 hrs a day!)

Supper: Leftover chicken that we butchered this summer with
vegetables And sprouted rice. (5 minutes prep time)

Evening Snack: Muffins that I made in the afternoon and sour cherry kefir smoothies (5 minute prep time)


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