What We Ate Today: Comfort and Warmth.

Morning, a chicken stew for breakfast, why not? Before even coffee I put on onions and carrots to sautée in Butter for an hour on low while I stumble around drinking my room temperature mineral water, kefir then coffee. The children ate some soaked steel cut oats leftover from the last “What we ate today.”. After the vegetables were soft I added two quart sized jars of homemade bone broth, a few spoons of arrowroot to thicken, garlic, dried celery leaves, real salt and dried parsley. The children each had two or three bowls of soup. I’m really noticing it now how easily they accept and take to real food. It wasn’t always that way. Now the oldest wakes up with a hunger for sauerkraut. The others ask for miso in their soup and the baby devours bowls of spicy kimchi. Chaz had a stomach ache today and blamed it on not having eaten anything fermented. They feel it in their bodies now and when they eat something like candy or white bread, they feel how it hurts them.
For supper I’ve started the chicken recipe boiling in a sauce that promises to be sticky, thick and delicious. Children swoon around it as it boils. The two older children visiting asked if they could stay for supper. I was thrilled but not sure how they would take to my real food, ferments and all. So supper… It goes great, they eat it up even the rice with lard (I ran out of butter). They ask for seconds of the fermented cherry “soda”. And we talked about food. The oldest child said that she didn’t know what was good for her… I even got to talk about microbes.

-Leftover soaked steel cut oats (1 min prep)
-chicken stew (10 minutes or less prep.)

-Almond milk and skinned almonds for almond flour and tamari almonds (1/2 hour prep time) Documented in this blog.
-more chicken stew from the morning (the time it takes to scoop out stew and put in a bowl).
-Canned Pears (canning and fermenting like mad during the summer abundance pays off)
-nourishing carrot cake with coconut Whipped topping (20 min. Prep)

Evening: this glaze chicken with something I made mindlessly: Rice soaked in second fermented kefir that was made with coconut and coffee beans. (20 min. Prep)
-Leftover Hamburger and peas with curry
-Cherry almond and peach spice water kefir soothed the soda cravings of many. (bottling time 10 minutes)

Wow. Documenting what we eat has been powerful for me. It gives me a complete picture, helps me plan for the next days and makes me more aware. Thank you for being a part of it.


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