Food Preparation Becomes Meditation.


I’m making probiotic almond milk for the first time. I’ve soaked the almonds for days and days in a nut milk bag. I’ve rinsed the almonds every day by pulling out the bag and leaving the liquid. It’s ready.
Now it’s time to do something with the milk and the almonds. I’m going to skin the almonds by hand. By gently squeezing each one the skins pop off. One by one, I’m in a beautiful daze taking note of the tiny sprouts protruding; the browns of the skins which remind me of tree bark. It all amazes me; the colours, textures and smells…but mostly by the ability of food to be brought to life simply with water and maybe salt. Now I have live almonds that I can use to make tamari almonds and almond flour for cookies or muffins. Probably muffins. It took a long time to peel but it was time spent reflecting and enjoying the process. When I’m skinning almonds, I’m skinning almonds.

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