What You Have All Been Wondering… WHAT WE ATE TODAY:

Many people have been asking me what we eat. I presume we are kinda known as weird food people . But the health of our foods must be respected or people would not be asking me for advice. And so here it is, our fascinating and glorious Monday;
foods that we ate today:

It’s Monday and I am a bit tired and sore. I wake with that familiar stiffness and remind myself “I need to do yoga.” I don’t feel like spending the day in my kitchen today. But without pre-packaged and processed foods, what will we eat!?!? Thankfully, I soaked some steel cut oats last night and I have leftovers and a huge pot of broth in my downstairs fridge. I also canned my ass off this summer which makes for quick and easy good eatin’.

-Soaked Oatmeal from steel cut oats (5 minutes prep. Soaked the night before. Recipe below)
-Bacon (1 min. Prep. I always cook up a big batch of bacon to have in fridge ready to use)
-homemade yogurt from my neighbor (1 min. Prep, for me )
-Homemade canned spiced pears

Lunch and afternoon:
-Leftover Kimchi stew with sprouted rice (1 min. Prep)
-Miso soup (2 min. Prep)
-Homemade canned saskatoons
-Pieces of organic dark chocolate

-Hamburger soup (our hamburger consists of 20% organ meat) with sauerkraut added to bowls (20 min. Prep time)

Late night snacks:
Apples and real food caramel with hemp seed
probiotic jello

Grape soda from ginger beer plant
Grape water kefir

We made it another day eating only real food. The kids have been particularly sugar obsessed since Halloweens nastiness (Never again, I swear.) and that has been a huge challenge. There’s been lots of yelling and crying infused with the squeals “CANDY!!”. Yesterday, they cooked up Sucanat, honey and maple syrup with cocoa and pomegranates just to fill their sugar induced cravings. Good luck to ya.


Simple soaked oatmeal:

I like steel cut oats as they stay chewy even after soaking. Soak equal parts oats to kefir or yogurt or lemon juice/water overnight. In the morning add more water, a cup or two and cook until it’s at it’s desired tenderness which is five or ten minutes for me. You can add raisins, fruit, cinnamon, maple syrup, rapadura, honey, soaked nuts. This is really good
cold as well!
* I used two cups steel oats, two cups kefir and two cups water.


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