Is parenting just conspiring against our children? What’s the solution?

So, I was making eggs for my children. We eat eggs a lot as a snack because I don’t like to buy processed foods, at all. I also don’t like to impose my beliefs or force on my children and so here is my dilemma: my children enjoy eating things that are not good for them and I only want to provide nourishing food. So I was making these eggs and thinking about how to further my quest to get them to eat healthy. And it hit me. Just tell them. Tell them my dilemma and see what they say.
Has parenting just been conspiring against? Am I just manipulating in the ways that I am adjusting my words and parenting methods to alter their behaviors?
So, I’ve left this post to discover more and I’ve returned with new information. I explained the situation to my children. I told them about my challenge and it turns out that they like the way things are. (I only fill the house with good food yet they get other stuff at parties and while out or visiting the city or with their own money).
So, what was I trying to manipulate anyways? My own guilt possibly.
I’m going to just keep putting it out there.
Explain the situation to the child.
It can go like this “You poop on floor. Mom steps in it. Mom yells and makes a face.” or “I spend a lot of time cleaning up toys. I would like to do other things sometimes.” and then pause and give them a chance to offer solutions.
no judgment, just information.
How easy I forget my first and most important belief: trust my children. Trust them to be thoughtful and considerate and capable of their own good. Their good is my good.


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