Soon I’ll be leaving this stupid online life.

How did you react to the title of this blog? I’ve been noticing a lot of people making comments about how they shouldn’t be on the computer and that they are now returning to real life. Some people go as far as to create an online life and then comment about how stupid it is and how they will be removing themselves from it. It leads me to think that they do not enjoy our fb banter, sharing of photos and liking of favourite quotes. It means something to me. I love mornings with hot coffee and an update as to how my friends are doing, especially the ones far away. It is fast and easy to stay connected to my community with ten minutes online.
I wonder if we have just been told too many times that an online life is anti-social, not spiritual and a waste of time? Even those of us who do not complain, I think often feel guilty and think we should be doing something else; something real. I wonder if this type of attitude towards computers and technology in general is not allowing us to experience it to it’s full potential. Technology can be a wonderful tool to facilitate learning and relationships. If the computer is a problem for you, I imagine that it is only a symptom of a deeper issue. Lack of connection? Lack of passion? Everything is perspective. I am seeing my screen time as being productive and life enhancing. I use it to connect with people, as entertainment, to find recipes or write silly little blogs.
Why do we complain about the things that we choose so much, so often? Let go and enjoy it. Enjoy everything.


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