What should be?

How often do you think that something should not be? Now your first response may be “never!” but your actions of blame and criticism could be saying that you often think things should be different. Why? It seems highly ineffective to will away the past yet I see people trying to do it every single day.
Yesterday I was feeling sad. But it was not a bad day for me. Actually it was powerful and life enhancing and I grew as a person more than I do most days.
I am finding that anger, stress, sadness and frustration become negative only when I start thinking that they should not be. It is only my thoughts that make me suffer. Then I can fall into that trap that makes me believe that everything is bad and that I hate my life and everything sucks and everyone is stupid, including me.
I find it strange that something so intangible as a thought can be so powerful as to destroy or create my life. Have you experienced this?
So, I am choosing new thoughts now and I am not believing the ones that no longer serve me.
When the darkness seeps in it sends me a signal and I think “Oh, I am sad, angry, frustrated, gassy or whatever.” and then I think “Oh yes… I remember this.” and it always has something life changing to teach me. Mostly, it reminds me to be kind.
The next time you find yourself in darkness, can you look inside? Can you wade trough the blame and ask what does this have to teach me? because really, it doesn’t matter what other people are doing. Especially strangers you will never see again.
You are the creator of your experience and your life. I promise you that with this type of clarity you will be able to see and ask for what you truly desire. And it’ll get easier every time you do it until it becomes second nature and you’ll love everyone and everything and you will dance around with flowers in your hair using run-on sentences cuz you just don’t care.


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