Breaking out of the box, using what is already available to me.

I had made up my mind. I was serious about making chili. I had tomatoes, onions, spices and a ground beef organ mixture to use. I had a dilemma though. No kidney beans. I started planning a grocery trip with all four children in tow to acquire the required ingredient. Out we would go and there would be shopping cart car rides, questions, games of chase me and much laughter. It could take an hour, or more for one can of beans. And then I had a thought..
Why do I need what I don’t already have?
I slowed down and took some mindful breaths. I remembered what I have learned so far about life…
So I opened my fridge and discovered garden fresh peppers and purple beans. I decided I would use them instead of the common kidney bean.
I must remember to always look deep inside first. Inside My fridge.



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