My child stealing teaches me a powerful lesson.

A child stole money from me. He was only just five. He is my child and I was shocked as he has been the easiest so far to raise.
I think that when children and teenagers steal we immediately form opinions about them. Like that they are bad or dishonest. We may not even realize that such beliefs occur but it will show in how we treat them after such an event. Do we punish to prevent it from happening again or do we look for the root cause?
So, when I discovered that this had happened I had to ask myself what I had done, and what situation I had created to make him so desperate. When I asked this I began to uncover times when I had been stingy with him or dishonest. My Partner and I use to save treats for ourselves for when the children were asleep and somehow they knew it. Obviously we were doing this so that they wouldn’t have any. We didn’t want to share and we knew it wasn’t good for them. We have completely stopped doing that. I am thankful for this powerful lesson my son has taught me and that is to give my good freely. I have also stopped buying treats which are not good for me and my overall health has improved for it.
I’ve also started sharing “my” money with the children freely when I can. We talk about budgeting a certain amount for things and how much we have in total. I am not worried about them not wanting to work for money but I do think about teaching generosity by being generous. I also want to create the feelings in them that there is always enough, that we don’t have to steal or hoard. By being open and honest with my children they understand when I have to tell them not now about buying something. We are a family and we all get to share the benefits of it.

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