Simplify your parenting, enhance your life.

I think we have over thought parenting. We’ve pondered on the mountain of choices that we face these days. A thousand years ago there wouldn’t have been the worry and debate over breastfeeding or formula, co-sleeping or crib, to work or stay home. The choices would have been clear as that was just what you do. But these are very different times and choice can be good. It is when we project our fears onto our choices that life can become stressful and overwhelming. It almost seems to me sometimes that we equate worry and stress to being a good parent. I don’t think that’s necessary and it especially conflicts with people who say “trust god.”. So, trust. Trust that things are as they are and will go on being as they are. That makes me chuckle because it’s so simple yet can be so hard to truly grasp.
It is our reactions to things that make things negative, not the situation itself. I don’t expect things to always go my way, and so when they don’t, I am getting good at taking a deep breath and even smiling. Sometimes I laugh right out loud at the ways that the ways that things can go. Totally unexpected and often downright insane! And I am thankful for these experiences. I can use them to demonstrate to my children problem solving and ways to be joyful regardless of what happens. From this we all learn what really matters. What matters to you?

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