Applying camping principles to life.

Once upon ten days ago, we set out to camp for the weekend. We haven’t gone home yet. We love it here. How can I bring the beauty and peace and the simplicity of camping to our home?The children are so content to be without their toys, TV or games. Sticks, rocks, mud and exploring are so much more fulfilling.
I am in the tent right now as my youngest son is nursing. A cool breeze comes over me. I feel so relaxed among the sound of birds and the absence of noisy traffic. It’s been easy to be here with the children. It’s also been valuable to deepening our relationships. There are very little
distractions and even though we don’t have running water, the chores are minimal. Much time is spent just sitting around, observing and being. We “be” at the fire, river, park and among the trees.
My oldest son and I have the hardest time out of me and my other four children. He is the one I have felt most challenged by, and I love to see him so happy out here. He is the one that I did not practice attachment parenting with and we suffer for it. The uncomfortable feelings will not keep me from getting closer to him. While camping there has been time to just be with him. I have laid down next to him, his body feeling as big as mine. It’s strangely intimate to have somebody as large as you, know you so well, yet be so disconnected from you at times. But I understand him now and it seems so
simple (like camping): he just wants to be a part of something. He wants to be loved and in control of his life. It amazes me as to how I could have missed that in the beginning. It feels like camping has given me the freedom to be more attentive, more loving and more available to get to know them better. We are going home today, how can I bring this home?
What are the principles of camping that I could put to use at home?
It’s relaxed, no schedule or plans. We already do this most of the time at home.
Camping is in nature. I could go outside even more at home. Our backyard is pretty green and great. There’s also nature spaces around town that we could be using more.
There’s minimal indoor space and less stuff. This one baffles me, how can I make my house simpler? I’ll ponder this but it’s possible that I’ll just opt for trailer-life!
There’s minimal chores and maintenance. The meals I make are
Simpler. Less stuff to clean up too. I want to absorb this simplicity and carry it home with me.


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