Labeling myself to ease self-doubt.

When I read Dayna Martin’s book “Radical Unschooling”, I identified with it immediately. At times I felt like it was me pouring out of the book. The questioning of whether it was ok to just let our kids do whatever they want, when they want… It went away. I gained more confidence in allowing my children to be the free beings that they are.
That seems to happen when we can give ourselves a name. We are radical unschoolers and I didn’t even know it.
Why is it that having a label eases and soothes my self-doubt?
Shouldn’t it be enough to follow my heart and live with passion?
I think we all want to feel connected. We want to know that there are others like us. We need encouragement and guidance and it’s been very satisfying to see others living the Unschooling life so happily. The radical
Unschooling life,
which means that we are free in all areas not just learning. Shouldn’t it be enough to be a part of the human race? Are not we all the same anyways, at the core?
Maybe it’s not so much a label as a definition. The principles speak to my core, it’s not one a fad like my bangs or Birkenstocks.
My thoughts are interesting to me…


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