Are you tired?

Many people tell me that they are tired all the time, especially mothers. I have two easy recommendations to try first. This can make a world of difference:
Are you drinking enough water and are you eating sufficient fat?
Drinking water throughout the day is important for every single part of your body.
Fat is needed to assimilate many of the good things that you are already eating. Vitamin D is one that needs fat to be produced in your body. So many people have cut out important fats due to concerns over weight gain or cholesterol, but recent studies and ancient wisdom have refuted those theories.
High quality fats include virgin and non-virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, palm oil (although there may be environmental issues with this one), butter (especially from grass fed cows), eggs, lard, avacado oil and hemp oil. I use a combination of these daily and am often amazed at the energy that I can sustain! You deserve to feel amazing, too. WAPF info on fat

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