The Meaning In Messes…

How often are you in the middle of a
mess SO big that you don’t know where to begin?
I find myself feeling like I am drowning in laundry, surrounded by bits of food on table and floor. Is this normal?
How often do you sigh and think the thought ” Why are they so messy?” and “I will never get this all cleaned up.”
The thoughts can go on and on, blaming and criticizing what is simply life and learning.
Today is different. I get it.
I understand the meaning of the messes and for this it is not stressing me out.
Vegetable scraps decorate the counter reminding me of how we, as friends, shared the creating of chicken soup.
The bowls lined in broth and fat resemble the nourishment shared between mother and child.
The floor has been blessed with onion peels, crumbled between precious bitty fingers.
If I squint and really look, the mess of rice, glue, toast and paper scraps look like abstract art.
If I photograph it, it looks like somebody else’s place. And it’s not so bad. I can laugh and share it online.

I need to do this more often, appreciating the messes for what they really are… A life well lived.






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  1. After an adventurous day out and about in the wilderness yesterday, arriving home late, and then finally getting the van stuff unloaded into the house today, i find myself in the same state of house, joyously procrastinating knowing that in good time, it will get picked up, maybe not in time to host family for father’s day, but they will love us despite the mess! LOL! Hooray for embracing a fun, crazy, messy life with children!

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