Don’t wash that dirty thing.

I stopped using soap on my sensitive bits, well I will say it for my daughter’s benefit, on my armpits, vagina and butt. I use a clay product in my hair. Mr.Common-Law has stopped using soap completely for about ten months now. He asks me if he smells and I say,
“Probably. But don’t worry. I am
immune to it because I smell too.”.
So, to research for this article, I needed to find out if we really smell bad due to not using soap. So, I asked my mom. She said that we don’t smell bad as people, but our room does. That’s scientific enough for me to conclude that soap does not produce a finer smelling human being! (I also googled it.)
Since our no-soap hygiene excursion, Mr.Common-Law has been experiencing some intensely soft hair along along with “private” skin problems remedied. I had eliminated my stinky armpits (by not using soap) until I accidentaly used soap one day. I remedied that by applying Bragg’s apple cider vinegar to them. It’s truly amazing what a little vinegar can do! I no longer wonder where the cat peed. Everywhere I go!?!?
We also haven’t been using deodorant or any hair products or perfumes. You don’t need them if your body bacteria is living in balance. Think of the landfill space that saves! Think of the chemicals reduced! Being cheap and lazy are not the only reasons to cut down on your personal hygiene!

So, what’s the deal?
While cleansing away that awful BO/Cat-pee-smell, Soap can upset your skins balance of good bacteria. The good bacteria are there to take care of the bad bacteria yet we keep massacring them and so they never live out their full potential.
Now I must address something. It seems that when I blog, some people fit my words into little boxes that are either black or white. Nope. I break all the rules. Heck, I don’t really have any rules.
This means that I do use soap for some things. I wash my hands with Dr.Bronner’s magic stuff after I use the toilet and I use homemade soap on sticky or poop-leg kids.
I have dear friends who make soap (from real fats) and so I need to be careful not to make soap out to be obsolete. Here, I have an official request to the soap-makers for something clay based. So soap has it’s place, just not anywhere near my sexuality.

More info, by a doctor, on NOT using soap on genitals.

Paleo-hygiene, no soap!

The radical Mr.Common-Law, the non-user of soap:


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  1. I would love to make soap with clay but it would still be a soap bar, just with clay added. In a quick search for clay based soap I found some recipes but they are still soap. Is that what you are looking for? I guess they are still considered clay soaps even though clay isn’t the main ingredient.

      • I am not sure that could happen in a bar form. Probably more like a powder…like the tooth powder. How do you think that would work? Oooooor I have heard of people oil cleansing so you could mix the clay and essential oils with coconut oil or olive oil and clean with that! To go even a little further you could infuse your oil with whatever herbs you wanted to use. There are lots that are great for the skin! I am growing calendula right now to use in oil infusions for lotion and soap. I am getting excited about the possibilties 🙂

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