To TV or not to TV… Questions on The Unschooling Life.

Here’s how I see it:
I can not advocate for freedom for my children in one area and not another.
I can not allow them to do as they please in all areas but one.
I need to trust them fully.
It makes for a stronger relationship between us.
Some people call this child abuse and brain damaging.
It may be risky to allow children to watch as much TV as they want but my experience has been that when children are happy and engaged they do not fall into TV addictions. My oldest son, who is eleven, has had days when he was watching TV all day, but it was only when I was disconnected to him. He only played video games often when I was not
emotionally available to him.
I am aware of this now and it inspires
me to check in and bond frequently with him.
TV addiction is not the cause of lack of motivation. It is the symptom of unhappiness.
I do talk to my children about their actions and their effects and because we are bonded, they trust my words. Knowing that they have the freedom to chose, they most often make “good” choices.
They see me as someone who has their genuine best interest at heart.
They feel me as someone who wants them to be happy and successful. They respect and trust my opinion like you would a good friend.
Quite often my children will ask my opinion on something. I love that they do this.
So, I let them watch as much TV as they want and whenever they want.
But what they really want is to feel connected and TV doesn’t give them that.
They desire to feel connected to me and to something bigger.


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