My Child’s Future Is None Of My Business!

Someone was asking me the typical questions about Unschooling, how it works and such.
I answered it in a blog post.
She said it all sounds great but what about university math.
And then an unusual thought struck me,
” That’s none of your business!”
I thought further,
” Whoa, maybe that’s true!”.
Maybe my children’s future careers and post-secondary educations is none of my business!
I am trusting my children to learn what they need and desire to, in their own way, at their own time and that means totally letting go.
I think a lot of energy is put into who are children will become. I aim to eliminate that stress. Stress and worry make me tired and unhappy and a cranky mom.
If my children decide that they love math, I imagine that will start to manifest as a young child and that’s where it will begin.
If they need highschool math, then they will find a way to get it.
When people are doing what they are
passionate about, it becomes easy.
Or atleast hard in that really satisfying kind of way.
If university math is something they want to do then the motivation will be there, and that’s the most difficult part!
So, I think I’ll leave it to them, while remaining available to support all their endeavours. It’s not my business what they want to do.
I hope it’s something cool.
I secretly hope they will all be inspiring artist, musician, wandering vagabond types, happy living off the land. Maybe that’s just me…Honestly, I just want them to be happy. And we do that by following our passions.


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