Letters From Readers

Here are some of the letters from readers who need the FCLO/Butter Oil:

1- I would like to win the product because I am trying to fight teeth and health issues. I realized that after feeling crummy for so long and even though I eat healthily, my modern diet couldn’t supply me with the nutrition my body craved. I started taking the oil about a month ago and feel better. It would be a blessing to win a bottle to supplement the hight cost of the product!

2- Hi Nadine,

I’m Gwen and I’ve found your site through thenourishinghome.com. It’s facinating to learn from people like you who are passionate about healthy foods and have experienced good results yourselves.

We’ve begun to change our lives this year and it has been so rewarding. The more we learn the more we finally understand how big the problems are with processed foods everywhere we turn. We truly never dreamed that we were poisoning our children and ourselves. The problem is so real, so constant and tough to avoid.

My husband and I both attended Culinary School and have owned restaurants. We’re food lovers and we have two young children who have inherited our passion for food as well. I have to admit that we thought we understood more about healthy food than most and we were so very wrong about that!
We began by avoiding white flour and sugars. Then we learned more about man made, processed oils and so called healthy low fats, etc. Chemicals vs. organics has been a real journey but the ultimate journey for us has been realizing that healthy foods can taste not only good but even better than their fake counterparts. A year ago we never would have believed that, even momentarily. We’re now working on making everything from scratch, limiting grains to one meal each day, etc. We have to avoid both corn and soy because our son is allergic, but now that we know about GMO’s we’re probably lucky to be avoiding those crops anyway!

I have always struggled with my weight and I think that target market is the most preyed upon with chemicals and gimmicks. Avoiding white sugar and white flours helped me to lose 80 lbs. Yes, really. My 12 year old lost 25 pounds and seems like a completely different child now. My husband and daughter never really had major weight issues, but they’ve both lost weight and gotten more fit, more energetic.

We still face a huge problem though. We don’t eat fish. We absolutely hate it and if we ever want to become truly healthy will need to change that about ourselves. We’re most definitely lacking in omegas. It will require baby steps for us though.

Thanks for asking about us and offering good advise and good supplements. I’d never have the courage to change our lives without people like you teaching us how.

3-Here’s why I am so keen to get my hands on your giveaway: I recently found out I am pregnant and am doing my best to nourish myself and our baby. I have not been able to get my hand on such high quality cod liver oil here in Alberta as the suppliers of Green Pastures have had their shipments delayed at the border. I would hope a bottle or two would not open such questions as the caseloads that they are trying to bring across.


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