It’s all my experience, I must change.

People want to blog. Many, many, many people do.
I think writing might be a common goal and interest that Many people share.
Its pretty Universal as it can be about anything. Really anything, have you read any Kurt Vonnegut?
I imagine that those who Deeply desire to write, all have different reasons for wanting to do so.
What is yours?
Me, I always imagined the glory of it. Receiving a call from Oprah saying That she stayed up all night with my book, unable to put it down even despite the fact that I had never gone to school or never totally grasped the concept of grammar or that I use run-on sentences inappropriately. I would be an inspiration to millions as they each strive passionately for their own goals, knowing that truly anyone can do it.
Well, I think my reasons have evolved since then, and maybe it’s because Oprah is no longer on… Or maybe after a life time of being closed and cold, I just want to share myself with people. Yes, that’s it! I want to tell my heart to you and writing seems to be the easiest way to start this. Now some may call this my Internet alter-ego, but does it really matter? It brings me deeper into myself and sparks beautiful conversation. Writing solidifies me, while still keeping me prone to melting.
Much of my writing has been initiated out of pain. And it has sparked the desire to help relieve people of theirs. We are not alone. I say that because I have spent most of my life feeling like the world was me against …. an idea, the task at hand, what I eat, the world, or whatever.
And even though I know it’s not true, I still forget and then it becomes true to me all over again and I become alone. And I will do this repeatedly… Until I Discover and absorb myself in accepting the joy, the pain and the vulnerability that we all share. I become born again into the wonder of patterns on walls and the textures on trees. Colours are bright and vibrating. The garbage smells to me like microbes breaking down matter to save us from being buried alive in waste.
It’s me I change, not the world or my surroundings or my partner. It’s all me. And I believe the same may be true for you.

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