Nursing To Restore Balance

Emmett is 26 months and we are still nursing strong.
When my older two were this age and still nursing, I felt like I was wanted to be done. Badly. I avoided and restricted my toddlers nursing. So, technically I have never let my kids self wean. I was pregnant and I could only handle them nursing for so long before I’d say ” Ok. That’s enough.”.
Because I am open and happy to still nurse Emmett this time around, I have discovered some new things that I love about nursing a toddler:

-It is a great opportunity to reconnect with him during busy atmospheres or if
he is a feeling little off. Nursing always brings him back to balance.
-It is an effective way to calm him when he is tired and cranky. Nursing puts him to sleep when he is tired.
-When he is sick, the only thing he will take is breast milk. Sometimes it is the only thing he can keep down and it’s so good for him.
-It inspires me to eat really well to continue to provide him with that nutrition.
-It provides an opportunity for me to relax if I am sick or tired. He will always come and lie down with me and nurse.
-It makes a great, healthy and cheap snack when traveling!

This is my experience. What’s yours, with breastfeeding a toddler or not? How do you reconnect and restore balance with your children?


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  1. My baby’s only just under four months now, but I’m hoping she doesn’t self wean too early. I love the idea of being able to “reconnect” with her through nursing when she’s a busy toddler and I hope she’s still wanting to nurse then.

  2. Hi, Nadine. We were in touch a few years ago about vegetarianism. I am a vegetarian (with fish and chicken), and I remember you weren’t so keen on the idea, but you told me not to trust everything I hear, even from you!

    Anyway, since that time, I’ve had a child. She’s now five, but I breastfed her until she was two and a half, at which time I had to stop because I had to take anti-seizure medication. By that age, she wasn’t getting much milk; the breast was mainly a pacifier for her. And she didn’t have any problems stopping.

    Having weaned her abruptly, I had mixed feeling. On one hand, I didn’t have to worry about needing ‘lactation-friendly’ nightgowns in case she wanted a midnight snack. Still, I was sad to know that my breastfeeding experience had come to an end (and as I’m too old and don’t plan any more children, this will be my only breastfeeding experience). Now, however, I remember how breastfeeding contributed to the great relationship we have now and that I will never lose that.

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