The Beauty of Our Journey

I have been flooded today, by ideas and words I want to put on paper.
Many of them are unconnected and could not be spoken in one note.
Where do they come from?
Who do I want to read them?
I've had a small break through, spiritually speaking, I guess (spirituality meaning to me, my pursuit of happiness, acceptance and love).
But I am left floundering, like a fish out of water, when I search for the words to explain.
I've had an understanding take me over. It's inhabited my body and I like it. It sounds something like this:
If I understand someone and that they are flawed and doing the best they can, then their actions are of no bother to me. I am free to love them and smile through their challenge. It is not my own. And sometimes I laugh because it's so beautiful how intense a person can be.

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