Living Without Lines, the Unschooling Life.

Imagine a life where there are no divisions.
Every topic and every idea are combined.
With people of all ages, it flows together with books and music and imaginative play.
Much time is spent just being.
Being with the trees and with each other.
Work is not separate from play.
It is all joyful.
Learning is not a special thing that only happens at certain times.
This is a whole other way of being.
Can you fathom it?
I have gotten so use to this and I forget that most people do not experience this.
I hear that people feel stressed, rushed and great discontent with their lives.
I feel sad for them.
Schedules and rules feel so foreign to me.
I wonder what that feels like.
Can you imagine living without lines?

Happiness comes when we combine work, love and play.

David Elkind

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